Monday, January 31, 2011

Fun Food for the Super Bowl

Not going to lie, the only reason I'm looking forward to the Super Bowl is for the food....and the commercials. Otherwise I could care less about what is going on during the game. I'm all about the tasty appetizers and dishes that go along with the event!

Did anyone watch Food Network this weekend?
All weekend it was "Game Day" food and I probably lost 5 pounds in just water weight from drooling so much!

I searched through my archive and recipe index to find so great foods that will be perfect for Super Bowl Sunday....


  1. are you making any desserts? i haven't even begun to think about superbowl food. ugh

  2. Since I'm sick (hopefully I'll feel better by then) I'm probably going to just make a cheese dip and maybe some sliders. Nothing too exhausting! I haven't even thought about dessert! I'm not on top of my game!

  3. I am SO with you on that! I could care less about the game.. I'm looking forward to all the yummy food I have planned : )

  4. I think everyone is coming down with something - cause now I'm getting icky. This is hampering my glorious SuperBowl cook-fest plan. Dang.

    But I think I'll manage to rustle up some S'mores cupcakes ;)

  5. In and Out Animal Fries! I might look like an animal gobbling them down! Love a party full of wonderful snacks/food like this!


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