About Me

Welcome to The Girly Girl Cooks!

My name is Haley...I'm a nursing student, CNA for Orthopedics, home cook extraordinaire, daughter, older sister and bride-to-be to the love of my life, Dusty. Life is pretty crazy right now, but I love to take the time to relax in my kitchen and create delicious dishes. 

My mom is the reason I got into cooking and wanted to start this blog. On Easter a couple of years ago, she gave me The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook and showed me the blog. Ever since then I have been hooked! Before I discovered cooking and blogging, I would go over to Dusty's apartment and for dinner we would have frozen dinners, pizza or go out to eat. Blah!

Now I spend my evenings in the kitchen of our apartment together making fun and exciting dishes. I've broken out of my shell of making the same dish over and over again, and now I rarely make the same thing twice! I'm not afraid to try new ingredients products and different types of cuisine. Now I just want to try them all!

I hope you enjoy reading my cooking blog and experiences in the kitchen!


If you have any questions or want to contact me, email me at:
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