About Me

Welcome to The Girly Girl Cooks!

My name is Haley...I'm a nurse, dobie momma, home cook extraordinaire, daughter, older sister and newlywed to the love of my life, Dusty. 

My mom is the main inspiration for my love of cooking. On Easter morning of 2010,  she gave me a copy of The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook and introduced me to Ree's blog. Ever since then I have been hooked on writing, food photography and of course cooking! Before I discovered cooking and blogging, I would go over to Dusty's apartment while we were dating in college and for dinner we would have frozen dinners, pizza or go out to eat. Blah!

My blogging adventures originally began when I had been dating Dusty for a couple years and we decided to move in together. My mother always told me, the way to a mans heart is through his stomach....And that started my quest to become a fantastic home cook and win Dusty's heart through his stomach. I was determined to marry this boy! After 6 years of dating and lots of messes in the kitchen, that is exactly what I did. We married on July 13th, 2013 and I still continue to learn in the kitchen with new recipes every day.

Originally when I started my blog in 2010, Dusty and I were living in a tiny one-bedroom apartment in Missoula while attending the University of Montana (go griz!). It's amazing to look back and see how life has changed so much since starting my blog. Since then we have both graduated from UM, moved to Billings, gotten 2nd college degrees and now we live on the hi-line where Dusty is farming with his father and I'm a nurse at the local hospital.

And of course we have added to our family with our wonderful and crazy doberman pinscher, Duke! He is such a joy in my life, I decided to dedicate a whole blog section to him!

I look forward to sharing my cooking adventures with you as well as life adventures along the way!
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