Thursday, July 3, 2014

Huckleberry Smoothie

Last week Dusty and I headed over to the land of huckleberries, aka Kalispell, for Labor & Delivery training at the hospital. Dusty got to spend 5 days golfing, shopping, relaxing and driving me around. Me on the other hand, I got to deliver 5 babies over 3 days and then relax for 2 much fun!

There is nothing more wonderful than delivering a baby. Getting the privilege to be apart of such a beautiful moment is truly special and being able to swaddle a freshly born baby and hand the mom her baby for the first time....priceless.

While we were over in the Flathead Lake area, it seemed like everywhere there was huckleberry stands with fresh huckleberries for sale. Each time we would pass one I would say, "Ooooh, ooooh! HUCKLEBERRIES!" And Dusty would reply, "Don't you have a bag full of huckleberries from last fall you still need to use?" Maybe?

I have a confession...I'm a huckleberry hoarder. See this bag in the picture up above? I've had it since September. I use like 1/4 cup a month and it has to be for a very very special recipe. Now that it's huckleberry season, I'm becoming less hoardy and using my berries more. Like for instance, I made this huckleberry smoothie and I plan on making many more in the near future. 
Like most recipes I make, this one is super easy! Just add 1/2 large banana, milk, vanilla greek yogurt, frozen huckleberries, and ice to a blender....

And then just blend until smooth...hence, smoothie!
 Healthy, filling, gorgeous and fantastically delicious!
Huckleberry Smoothie
{1-24 ounce serving}
-2/3 cup Blueberry-flavored Greek Yogurt
-3/4 cup Milk
-1/2 large Banana
-1/2 cup frozen Huckleberries
-1/2 cup Ice Cubes
Optional: Vanilla Protein Powder
Combine all ingredients in blender. Blend until smooth. Pour into large glass and enjoy!


  1. So delicious and what a gorgeous color! I've never actually eaten a huckleberry !! I guess I could use regular old blueberries??

    1. You can definitely use blueberries! The only difference is that huckleberries are a touch sweeter, so add a teaspoon of honey to add a little extra sweetness to the blueberries for the smoothie :)

  2. "Don't you have a bag full of huckleberries from last fall you still need to use?" Maybe? smoothie recipes

  3. Look at that color! So cool,you should have enjoyed each sip!


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