Sunday, January 23, 2011

GFS Cooking School

If I had it my way and I was guaranteed to be a Food Network Star, I would quit Nursing and go to culinary school! Who wouldn't!?!?

But instead, I'm going to do something I've never done before and take a couple of cooking classes in February....I'm so excited! I've always wanted to take some classes at my local health food store, but everytime I called to sign up for the classes, they were full!

Lucky for me, I was able to sign up for some really fun classes for next month!
This is what I get to look forward to...

Cheeses for Sweet Valentine's Treat
Why limit yourself to chocolate this Valentine’s Day when there are so many other seductive treats to share with that someone special. GFS Cheese Buyer Jennie Gregory and GFS Deli Manager Rebecca Canfi eld-Perkowski will demonstrate a variety of tempting sweet treats, all with cheese as the secret ingredient. You’ll taste every creation, along with the selection of cheeses that inspired each. Like always, you’ll also go home with a goodie bag of a few of tonight’s cheeses and a few suggestions for tasty beverage pairings.

*Dusty and I are going to the cheese tasting the Friday before Valentine's Day. I'm going to be in heaven, because if you know me, I love cheese!

Chef's Table: La Dia del Amor y la Amistad
Gulsidel Velazquez learned the poetry of the kitchen in his hometown of Puebla, Mexico. And that kitchen is the source of the inspiration for this evening’s Mexican Valentine’s Day celebration. Currently a chef at Missoula’s Ranch Club, Gulsidel will take a little poetic license and flavor this evening’s Mexican feast with influences he’s picked up in many other kitchens too. Yeah, tonight you’ll also taste a little love from Italy, Spain, Thailand and India. So come taste and learn to prepare:
-Cocount Crusted Prawns with Lemongrass Soup
-Roasted Carrot and Avocado Salad
-Spanish Garlic Soup
-Flour Encrusted Scallops with Passion Fruit Ginger Sauce and Fennel Orange Salad
-Venison with Sweet and Spicy Curried Pear
-Passion Fruit Tiramisu

I can't wait to attend these classes! It is going to be so much fun taking pictures and learning how to make all of these dishes so I can share it with you!

If you are in the Missoula area, call The Good Food Store and come join me in these two classes! It's going to be fun!


  1. Wow that sounds like so much fun. I am jealous. Cannot wait to see what you post.

  2. Good for you!! Cooking classes are a lot of fun and you will meet some really wonderful people!

  3. How fun! Cooking classes are great way to pick up new skills, or just eat. I think it is great that you are taking the cheese class with your man.


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