Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dusty's Birthday Weekend

I definitely had one heck of a weekend!
How about you?

Since last Monday I've been taking wintersession at school so I could knock out an easy freshman level class. The class...Sociology. It's really interesting information, but because it's wintersession, the information is coming at me super fast! Wintersession, if you are curious, is cramming a 15 week course into 3 weeks. Midterms every couple of days and quizzes/homework due everyday. These next 3 weeks are going to be a blur.

On Friday I got out of class at 4:00 and realized... Dusty's Birthday is Sunday!

Since we have been together for the past 3 years, I am still always unprepared for his birthday because it comes so quickly after Christmas. I spend the entire month of December preparing to wow him with my gifts to him and then completely forget to prepare for his birthday!

*Note to self: Don't give birth to children in January.

So after class I ran to the Mall and Bed, Bath & Beyond for 2 hours to find him the last minute perfect present. Thankfully because I'm an awesome shopper (trained by my mom), I found him 3 handsome sweaters, a pair of his favorite jeans and a body pillow!

He loved his gifts! Success!

*Side Note: The body pillow was a mistake. Instead of wanting to snuggle with me, he snuggles with it instead. I have been replaced. The body pillow is my enemy.

Then on Saturday, Dusty's parents came to visit and went out to eat and had a fun time! Look who also came to visit!
(Dusty's parents pup)

On his birthday, Sunday, I made him a Carrot Cake (my mom's famous carrot cake!) and took him out to dinner at one of the nicest restaurants in Missoula. We had such a great time with delicious food!
Not my finest work, but it was last minute!

Meanwhile, during all of this birthday fun, I was suppose to be studying for a test for Monday.
Did I do any studying? Nope!
But that didn't matter because we had a great weekend and got to celebrate Dusty's birthday!

Next year, I will be more prepared!

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  1. I loooooooved my Sociology class, it was so interesting! Molly is adorable!!!!

    Oh, and my son is a November baby so we have the opposite problem. It seems we go all out for his birthday and then December comes and we're like "Rats, what should we get him for Christmas?!" I was better at planning ahead this year, I just kind of scaled back the birthday gifts. Sounds mean, but he's only 3, if we go all out then by the time December 26th rolls around he wonders why the world doesn't revolve around giving him presents anymore! :-)

    I bet the cake was fantastic!


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