Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fried Egg Sandwich

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to the Year of 2011!

Did you have a good New Years?

I definitely had an interesting one. My boyfriends cousin Tony came into town to spend the weekend with us and we went to our favorite hang out spot in Missoula, The Iron Horse. We spent the evening talking and having a few drinks. I was the D.D. so I got all the water you could ever want! But it was great because towards midnight, the waitresses handed out plastic top hats, kazoo's and little glasses of champagne for everyone.

Tony was fascinated with the kazoo and was obsessed with making the kazoo sound like an elk mating call.
Too bad for him, there weren't any lady elks, but there were definitely a bunch of women looking at him in a questionable way.
I know I definitely was!

At midnight, the waitresses turned the TV to Dick Clark/Ryan Secrest's Rockin' New Years Eve Party and the everyone in the entire place counted down to midnight. Kazoo's were blowing, people were cheering and also getting their New Years kisses. It was a fun moment.

But after a night of celebrating, a good breakfast was in order!
I found this recipe off of the blog Simply Scratch. I love this blog, besides Pioneer Woman this is my go-to blog for delicious recipes! This Fried Egg Sandwich is easy, simple and so delicious!

Here is what you are going to need for 1 sandwich:
-2 slices of Bread
-2 Eggs
-Dash of Alpine Touch or Lawry's Seasoning Salt
-1 slice of American Cheese
-1/2 tbsp Butter

First heat your pan over medium heat and melt the butter till it's hot and bubbly.

Then toss two pieces of bread into the toaster till golden brown. Place 1 slice of American Cheese on one of the slices of toast.

Crack the two eggs and place them into the hot pan.
Sprinkle the tops of the eggs with a dash of Alpine Touch or Lawry's Seasoning Salt.
I love this stuff!!!

After a minute or two, when the egg whites have cooked and are opaque, flip the eggs and finish cooking until you reach the firmness of the yolk you desire.
Do you like them over-easy? Over-medium? Over-hard?
It's up to you!
The world is your oyster!

Place the fried eggs onto the slice of toast with the American Cheese and sandwich it with the other piece of toast. Cut into a diagonal and enjoy!
P.S. I love sopping up all the egg yolk with the toast.
So good!


  1. I am a girly girl too and I LOVE to cook. I stumbled upon your blog and really like it :))) The egg sandwich looks delicious... I wish I could make it but my son has sever egg allergies and I cannot have any egg products at home. Well, thought I'd drop a note and introduce myself and share a URL of my girly girl blog :)

  2. Wow! I just checked out your blog and it is wonderful! That must be a huge challenge not being able to use eggs. I couldn't even imagine how hard it must be to bake! I'm glad you like my blog, it is my pride and joy! :)


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