Friday, December 3, 2010

The Ultimate Sandwich

This is a shout out to all the ladies out there reading this post!
Would you like more presents under the Christmas tree with you name on them?
Do you want your man to spoil you rotten this holiday season?

Then make this sandwich for your man!

On the Pioneer Womans' website, this is her husbands favorite sandwich EVER, and when I told Dusty I was making "The Sandwich" tonight for dinner, he was a very happy person!

This is what you are going to need for 2 people:
- About 1 lb of Cube Steak
-1/2 of a Yellow Onion-sliced
-1 tbsp Lawry's Season Salt
-1/4 cup Worchestershire Sauce
-3 dashes of Tobasco
-2 French Hoagie Rolls
-2-1/2 tbsp Butter

First, cut the onion into nice thin slices.

I'd like to introduce you to the Cube Steak. Notice how there are parallel lines in the cube steak?

Cut against the parallel lines, in a perpendicular fashion. This is important so that the meat slices will stick together and not fall apart.

Also, notice how I have the cube steak on a separate cutting board than the sliced onions?
This is because I'm a Microbiologist, and ground up meat contains bacteria! Practice good food safety by cutting meats and veggies on separate cutting boards and utensils. I hate that my college major has made me so obsessively aware of things like this....sometimes it's just better not knowing what is going on with food.

Now season your pile of cube steak with Lawry's Seasoning Salt and toss it around to every chunk of meat gets some seasoning.

Over medium heat, melt a tablespoon of butter in a large saucepan.

Add the onions to the pan and saute them until they are soft and golden brown.
I love onions!
I practically use them in every dish I make!

Remove the onions from the pan and now add the cube steak. Arrange them on the large saucepan so they are in a single layer.

Cook them for 1-2 minutes and turn them onto their other side to cook.

Once the meat is browned on both sides and no pink. Drain the fat and then add 1/4 cup of Worcherstershire sauce to the pan.

Add a couple dashes of Tobasco.

Add the onions back to the pan and 1 tbsp of Butter.

And stir until combined. Remove the pan from heat and place a lid on it, so the meat stays warm.

Now for the hoagie rolls....
With soft butter, spread a thin layer on each side and toast on a flat surface pan.

Hello gorgeous!

To serve the sandwich that your man will be thanking you for the rest of his life, take a big scoop of meat and onions and put it between the buns.
Oh Lordy, This is so good! YUM!

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