Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Light Creamy Garlic Soup

I'm a huge fan of Tasty Kitchen. It is the Facebook and Twitter of the cooking world and it is so addicting! Every morning I read the new posts from Pioneer Woman and then I head directly over to Tasty Kitchen to check out the "Featured Recipes" (praying that one will be mine).

This soup I found on Tasty Kitchen is from Erica who writes the beautiful blog, Cooking for Seven, and it has come to be one of my favorite soups of all time! I made it according to her ingredients once before, but I'm wanting to eat better with lower calories and Heavy Cream kinda kills that idea. So I adjusted the ingredients a little bit and actually didn't notice a difference in this savory soup.

If my math is right, I calculated that this soup would be about 192 calories per serving with the way I made it. Not bad!

Here is what you need for 2 people/servings:
-1/2 tbsp Olive Oil
-1/2 cup Onion-thinly sliced
-6 cloves of minced Garlic
-1/2 cup White Wine
-2 cups Fat-Free Low Sodium Chicken Broth
-1 Bay Leaf
-1 cup torn White Bread (2 slices)
-3 oz of Skim or Low Fat Milk
-Salt and Pepper to taste
-Parmesan Cheese to Garnish (optional)

I should let you all know...this is the first dish I have made with my new Le Creuset Dutch Oven!
It's so shiny and pretty!

First you want to thinly slice 1/2 cup of Onions.

And peel/mince 6 cloves of Garlic.
Keep some minty gum on hand, you will have garlic breath after eating this!

Then take your pretty new dutch oven and heat the 1/2 tbsp of oil over medium heat. Once the pot is nice and hot add in the onions and garlic.

Then saute the onions and garlic until they begin to caramelize.

Then add the white wine, reduce the heat and cover the pot for 10 minutes while stirring occassionally.
Best smell in the world: Onions, Garlic and White Wine!

Add the chicken broth and bay leaf, and then bring it to a boil.
Reduce the heat, cover and simmer for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, remove the dutch oven from heat and add the bread chunks.
Remove the bay leaf and let the bread sit for 10 minutes in the soup.

Carefully put the soup into the blender and puree until smooth.

Pour the soup back into the dutch oven and turn the heat to Low...

And add the skim milk and salt/pepper to taste.

Garnish with Parmesan Cheese and serve with some crusty bread. 


  1. this sounds good; i love garlic. yay for using you new le creuset! i have the same color as you; love the kiwi. don't you just love how easy it cleans up?

  2. I know when cooked it should be milder, but the thought of all that garlic.

    I really just have to bite the bullet sometime and try it for myself.


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