Monday, April 25, 2011

A List of Random Thoughts...

1. Yesterday we had perfect weather! It was absolutely gorgeous outside and I even got a sunburn on my chest and arms. Today, not so much. It rained. It rained a lot! And it's going to continue raining for the next week....or longer.

2. Speaking of yesterday, we had a fantastic Easter! We enjoyed a delicious brunch in the morning, spent the day by the river, lounging around the backyard, playing with the pups, and my mom went all out to make a delicious dinner. Plus my sister, Dusty and I got awesome Easter Baskets!

3. The highlight of Easter for me was watching my Grandpa running around our yard and almost beating all of us at the Easter Egg Hunt (my sister won).You better watch out! That man has some serious egg finding skills!

4. In Anatomy and Physiology we are studying the reproductive system. It has been taking everything inside me to be mature enough to not start giggling in class. Don't worry...I won't post pictures like I did for the Endocrine System! I wouldn't want to scar anyone like before!

5. Dusty has discovered something magical for popcorn. When you melt the butter to drizzle on the popcorn, add a couple dashes of Tobasco sauce to the butter before pouring on the popcorn. Instead of sprinkling salt on the popcorn, he used Alpine Touch too. I'm addicted to this popcorn!!!

6. There are 19 days till Graduation! I can hardly wait!

7. I have super duper senioritis! (This refers to #6) If you don't know what the term "Senioritis" means, I'll give you a definition...
Being absolutely lazy and burnt out. You go to class physically, but not mentally. You find any way to avoid going to class physically and avoid doing homework as well. Studying for an exam is done the night before in desperation to shove as much information in your brain in very little time.  

8. Last week I mailed a resume and cover letter to an awesome kitchen supply store in Billings just for the heck of it and to put my name out there for a potential job. I didn't think anything would come of it. Guess who was surprised to receive a call on Friday to set up an interview in May for a possible job at this store?!?!?

9. On Thursday, I'm taking another culinary class at the Good Food Store. This time it's a Cheese Making Class! I can't wait for Thursday and for all the cheese I will be making in the future with my new cheese-making kit!

10. Last and final thought....I have developed a serious addiction to reading blogs and watching cooking/food shows! I have a problem.

Happy Monday!!!!

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  1. Yay... for getting a call back for your resume! Good luck on your interview in May :) I'm not a senior, but I have tiredofschool-itis. Not too much longer for this semester!

  2. If watching cooking shows and reading food blogs is bad - what's the point of being good??!! :D

  3. I agree with Megan! I hope you get your job at that kitchen supply store! And I hope you take advantage of the amazing discount that I'm sure you will be getting! A job like that would be very dangerous for me!!! :)

  4. Cheese making! Wow!! That sounds awesome. I eat a ton of cheese and always bemoan how expensive it is. You'll have to tell us all about what you learned, and what kind of cheese you can make.
    And by the way, as a popcorn addict, I have to say that I've never tried this amazing Tabasco-and-butter combo. That changes this week! =)

  5. Great post Haley! So happy for you that you'll be graduating soon! Awesome! And so neat youre gonna do another cooking class. Im jealous! With my 3 kiddos I can only dream of going to culinary school : ( lol Glad you had a great Easter!!


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