Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Feast for a Royal Wedding

How fantastic was the Royal Wedding today?!?!
Sadly, I was too tired to wake up at 2am to watch it Live, but I did watch it this morning and loved every minute of it! Especially Catherine's dress...oh my, she was so beautiful and simply elegant!

William and Catherine are so adorable, and how about those kisses?
Too cute!

In honor of the Prince and new Princess, I made a Royal Feast in their honor! I made Prince William's favorite dinner and dessert, and I got the recipes from two of the royal chefs! You pretty much can't get any more authentic than that!

For dinner, I made Prince William's favorite...Cottage Pie!
This is total comfort food and absolutely delicious!

Don't forget the Gravy!
This recipe is originally from the royal chef, Darren McGrady and it's fantastic.
Check out his video on the Today Show and get the recipe HERE!

And for dessert, I went all out and made Prince Williams favorite dessert from the royal chef, Carolyn Robb....Eton Mess!
This dessert is a work of art and totally scrumptious!
Get the recipe HERE!

I had so much fun celebrating the Royal Wedding and we definitely ate a fantastic and beautiful Royal Feast worthy of the Royal Prince and Princess!


  1. Love this post! She is so beautiful! LOVED both of her dresses today!

  2. How fun!!!! These dishes look so good and sound so yummy! Haley your photos are so awesome!!!! I seriously wish I had some of this royal feast! Yum!

  3. And seriously Haley! How do you do it all girl? School and amazing meals all the time! You amaze me!

  4. Your pictures are gorgeous. You did such a great job. I really like his recipe for cottage pie! Usually you see other veggies added to the beef base but he just used onions. And I really love the shredded cheese on top!

  5. OH my gosh does that Mess looks stunning!! Way to go!!

  6. What a WONDERFUL post! My family simply adores Eton Mess, isn't it wonderful. I also really enjoy Carolyn Robb. I'm your newest follower!

  7. Everything looks wonderful, I really want to try Eton Mess!

  8. Everything looks so good, I found your blog through Tasty Kitchen and love it!


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