Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Past 5 Years....

Today I just finished my last final before graduation!

It's crazy to think that 5 years ago I was a senior in high school preparing to graduate. I was so scared to start college and to be on my own for the first time.  But after 5 years I have grown so much in knowledge and as a person.

I was looking through my facebook photo album today and couldn't believe all the great times I've had while attending the U of M. So I wanted to share some of my favorite memories from the past 5 years with you....

My first Griz Game the first weekend of college.
Look at that hair!!!
Apparently my hair style has changed in the past 5 years as well....for the better!

Going to see Carrie Underwood with my Dad and sister.
"Date Night" with Dad!

Becoming an RA and working with the greatest people and friends!

Going on Staff Retreats.

Playing Capture the Flag on the "Oval".

Going to Forester's Ball and "marrying" Dusty...twice!

RA Christmas Party.

Going to see Dane Cook with Dusty, his cousin Tony and Jake in Seattle.

Going to see Pioneer Woman and meeting Megan.

Trip to Disneyland as a Family Reunion and to see my Cousin Jeff get married.

Sorry, I just had to add this one cracks me up!

In that same summer I went to Vegas to see my Cousin Brendon get married.

And last but not least, meeting Dusty and falling in love with him.

There is only one thing that I wish I could go back and tell myself freshman year of college....
"Haley, put down the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Breakfast Burrito!!! That freshman-15 is mean and nasty stuff!"

So what is going to happen to me in the next 5 years?
Who knows!

But I can tell you that on Saturday I will be wearing my cap and gown for graduation! 
Also, on Monday I will be starting my first nursing class.
The next 2-1/2 years are going to be intense, but definitely worth it when I get my second bachelors degree and become a nurse!


  1. Awww love this! Congratulations on your Graduation this Saturday!!

  2. Congrats Lovely!! I love the Forrester's Ball hitching (did it twice myself!), love that you've come to Seattle (pretty sure I was at that exact same Dane Cook show!), and I love that I met you too! Rockstar, you!!

    Cant' wait to hear all your nursing stories, you're going to steal the show!

  3. Looks like a wonderful five years! This will be such a nice post for you to look back on five years from now! Congrats on graduation!

  4. Congrats! Good luck in your next chapter of life!

  5. Loved the post! Congratulations !!! and much happy celebrating to you :oD lol

  6. This is such a fun post! I love steal the flag! We always played that game growing up! And good for you on going to get another bachelors degree. You go girl!


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