Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Big Fat Greek Dinner {Part 1}

Lately I have become so addicted to Tzatziki Sauce!
I have no idea how to properly announce "Tzatziki", but I love this sauce! It's so fresh, light and goes wonderfully with veggies, grilled meats and a dipping sauce for french fries (my favorite)!

Tomorrow night I'm making Chicken Souvlaki from Tasty Kitchen for dinner and I can't wait! I love Greek food and this dish looked super tasty with all the seasonings and more specifically...Tzatziki Sauce!

The sauce needs to refrigerate overnight, so if you are making this dish...plan ahead! So if you haven't guessed already, "Part 1" of this Greek dinner is making the Tzatziki sauce.

Here is what you are going to need for the Tzatziki Sauce:
-1-1/4 cup Chobani Plain Greek Yogurt
-1 whole large Cucumber (seeds removed, grated and squeezed dry in a dish towel)
-2 cloves of Garlic
-2 tbsp Lemon Juice
-1/2 tsp dried Dill Weed
-1/8 tsp Salt
-1/8 tsp Pepper
-1/8 tsp Sugar

Combine all the ingredients into your food processor....

And pulse it a couple of times and you are good to go!

So simple and really refreshing! One of my favorite sauces of all time!
Just place some plastic wrap over the bowl and let the sauce refrigerate overnight for your Greek dish the next day.


  1. mmmmm looks beautiful and fresh!

  2. Sounds great! I am not familiar at all with Greek food, but this sauce seems delish!! : )

  3. MMM I have never had this before but it looks amazing.

  4. YUM!!! I love Greek Food! We just discovered the most amazing Greek restaurant where we just moved, thanks to DDD, and we just ate there for dinner yesterday! I will definitely be giving this sauce a try for sure!!!

  5. Sounds fresh and delicious, a great sauce/dip, looking forward to trying it!

  6. Seriously - I LOVE Tzsaziki sauce, it makes the world go round!!

  7. i love tzatziki. it's best to drain the yogurt over night thru cheesecloth or a paper towel lined strainer. it makes it thick and delicious.


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