Friday, May 20, 2011

House Hunters: Billings

Dusty and I left on Wednesday for Billings with a mission: FIND AN APARTMENT!

I have been spending the past two months every night looking up apartments, pricing and investigating neighborhoods in Billings so that we could be prepared for the big apartment hunt. I even typed up tables of different property management companies, what they offered, utilities paid, cost of rent and most importantly, how close the apartment would be to the school and hospital. OCD much???

So with my tables in hand and the car packed, Dusty and I set off for Billings on Wednesday. We arrived in town at 12:30pm and had an appointment for our first viewing at 3:00. There was no time for relaxing, we were here for business!

At 3:00 we pulled up to the first apartment for a viewing. On paper it had potential: duplex, private backyard, 2 bedrooms, 1 bath and a single car garage.

Not bad. Nice yard...

Garage is okay (not great, but just okay)...

Bathroom is kinda funky, but I've shared a bathroom with 40 women in the dorms. I can handle anything.

Then I saw the kitchen....
I'm a food blogger and my kitchen is my workspace. How am I suppose to function in a nasty kitchen with tiny counter space, an oven older than my dad and no dishwasher?!?!?
(I could deal with no dishwasher if I had more counter space)

I've seen enough of this place...moving on!

Then Dusty and I were taken over to the next place which had some good potential on paper too, but who knows what it could be like actually, especially after the last nightmare we had viewed.

From the outside this place looks really nice. We get a single car garage, nice neighborhood and pretty lilac trees!

Nice living area, dining room and air conditioning!

More modern bathroom (larger than what we have now)
(That bent bar in the mirror is going to be fixed)

And what is this???
A linen closet!

Nice bedroom...there are 2 total.

And now the determining factor...the kitchen.
Very nice!
New oven, dishwasher, fridge and more counter space than I have right now!

I'll take it!

After looking at only 2 places and then a couple of apartment complexes, Dusty and I decided that this is where we want to live. Lots of space, centrally located, 5 minute drive to school and all the amenities we had on our list. Plus we are saving money from where we live now!

If that weren't great enough, I also had a job interview at The Copper Colander and got the job!
I start the second week of June and I am so excited!

This was definitely a successful house hunting trip to we have to start packing!


  1. I loved looking at your apartment pictures. My boyfriend and I were recently apt. hunting and I kept having to say no to otherwise great apartments because of the kitchen...they were awful!!! We finally found one that actually looks very similar to the one you guys picked. I hope Billings treats you well :-) It sounds good so far.

  2. A linen closet...oh, those are wonderful!! It's amazing how much you use a linen closet until you don't have one. And that's a fabulous're stand mixer is going to look great in there! Good luck moving! Remember, pack the things you use least first. Go ahead and get some paper plates and plastic cups. Use those the last couple days so you can pack the kitchen. Try to eat things like sandwiches the last couple days. That way, you aren't trying to pack anything the day you move. Or the night before!

  3. Congrats on the job and the apartment! I have such a small kitchen and little to no counter space and I hate it.

  4. Good call on the kitchen. You spend the most time there, so it might as well be functional. We walked out of many houses based on the kitchen alone.

    How exciting about the job! Happy new chapter!

  5. Oooh fun, househunting is a blast! Congrats on the new place :)

  6. love the open floor plan of the kitchen. yay for the apt and job. :)

  7. Linen cupboard for the win! Congrats on the new job and the new apartment!

  8. YAY on the new apartment!! And double yay on the new job!!

  9. Congrats on the new job and the cute new house!!!

  10. Apartment hunting is hard work!
    I told my boyfriend counter space was a deal-breaker because I have had such nasty kitchens in the past.


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