Thursday, April 7, 2011


One of the only issues I had with the city of Billings on our trip was that Dusty and I could hardly find any places to eat out for breakfast!  Of course there was an IHOP, Perkins, Denny’s and Cracker Barrel, but there was only one local breakfast place in the whole city we could find!

This was making me a little worried and sad because Missoula has amazing places for going out to breakfast on the weekends. For example, Paul’s Pancake Parlor & The Shack. Now I’m moving to a city with only chain restaurants that aren’t that great. YIKES!

But….all my problems are solved!
Late last night I was goofing around on my iPad and discovered the app for Urbanspoon. I’m  now in love with it! It showed me that there are actually tons of local places to eat breakfast in Billings. I wish I had known this information while we were on our trip! It would have saved us a couple of hours of driving around with growling stomachs!

If the app weren’t great enough, it also gives reviews, map locations and a general price range of the meal at that certain restaurant ($, $$, $$$). Besides breakfast, it also provides information on all types of cuisine ranging from American to Asian. It even gets better because if you have no idea what you want to eat or where to go…all you have to do is spin the magic wheel and it randomly picks one for you! I think this app is so handy and great for people moving to a new town/city like Dusty and I will be this summer!

I have no connection with Urbanspoon whatsoever…I was just really excited about this app and wanted to share my thoughts on it! If you have an iPad or iPhone, you should try it out and oh yeah, it’s a free app!

Have you tried Urbanspoon?
Do you like it?
What other kitchen/cooking apps do you use and really like?!? 
I would love some suggestions of fun apps!


  1. I have never heard of Urban Spoon till now but I will most definitely be downloading that app since we just recently moved too! Thanks for the info!

  2. I had urban spoon on my iPhone but then I discovered Yelp. I am OBSESSED with yelp! You can check it out online, Not only can you find restaurants, they have other things as, nightlife, etc. You should def give it a try. I also recently started using Foodspotting. I'm in a real rural area so I haven't found that many people using it but it is still fun. You take and post pics of food from local restaurants and can share them with people and it kind of helps if you cant figure out where to go eat!
    Do you play words with friends??? If you do, play me! My username is stephs1018!
    Hope this helps!

  3. And try this place for lunch & dinner...
    Just a whole in the wall in a place you would never expect a great meal from, but worth a try! Always a good meal at Cafe DeCamp!

  4. So cool!!! I love Urbanspoon and I need to get an iPhone asap :-)


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