Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jalapeno Poppers and Cube-Steak Sandwich

Usually Jalapeno's scare the heck out of me. I hate really spicy hot foods and I don't trust them. But when I came across this recipe I had to dare myself to try it.
I would have taken the pictures myself but my camera is officially dead. I knew it was dying a loooooooong time ago but I didn't want to admit it. If you put in 2 AA batteries you can only take about 5 pictures before it sucks the life out of the batteries. I've had it for about 7 years and it is now officially junk. So to help you imagine the tastiness of this appetizer I'll post the link to Pioneer Womans page:
To go along with these wonderful little appetizers I made a Cube-Steak Sandwich:
And let me tell you what....there is a reason that this is Malboro Man's favorite sandwich!!! As soon as Dusty and I took a bite of this sandwich our eyes were rolling to the back of our heads and we were making totally inappropriate noises as we were eating this! IT IS THAT GOOD! But I must warn you....the only reason I made these two things in one meal is because I went to the gym that morning and had a very very light lunch. These probably have a ton of calories because they are total comfort food. And lets face it, comfort food never comes in under 500 calories. If it did, then I wouldn't have had to worry about going to the gym that morning....or suffered the Freshman 15 (crying inside right now). But seriously, even if it means your pants get a little tighter, you must make this! YUMMMY!
Did I get my point across?

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