Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fiesta Land!

Today I went to Fiesta Land! It is the land of Fiestaware in my area. Dusty got his haircut today, so while he was at the barber shop, I walked over to the Import Market to experience Fiesta Land! I went once before with Dusty, but he just didn't understand why we had to stare at dishes for 30 minutes. Men, they just don't understand. So I went alone this time so that I could stare at dishes for 30+ minutes and not be thought to be a crazy person. It was glorious!

There were about 6-8 rows of shelving just devoted to Fiestaware. My Grandma always had Fiestaware, but I never appreciated because I didn't like her colors. Not a big fan of pastels. But then I saw Pioneer Womans feature on Fiestaware with the Peacock blue and Shamrock green, and I was instantly in love and now understand why my mom loves Fiestaware so much and calls the Import Market "Fiesta Land". It is so much fun!

After 5 minutes of staring at the dishes I quickly became overwhelmed. I wanted to get a couple of pieces but didn't want to go broke before my big family vacation to California. We are going to Disneyland, Crate & Barrel, Anthropologie, American Girl Place, William-Sonoma and the Vera Bradley's going to be magical and expensive! ;) Good thing I've been saving up!

So anyways....I got so overwhelmed that I had to call my mom for advice since she is already a collector. It was a big deal, I was about to pick out my first piece of Fiestaware! These were my two options:
Do I go with Blue, Green and Brown?
Or Blue, Green and Yellow?

I couldn't afford 4 Gusto bowls at the time and I love all 4 colors :(

So I sent these pictures to my mom and asked her opinon (thank God for picture messages!) but the problem was...she liked both! UGH! What is a girl to do? I was so confused I decided to just get the Shamrock and Peacock Gusto Bowl during this shopping trip and next week when I'm back from my vacation and get another paycheck, I will go pick up the Sunflower and Chocolate Gusto Bowls!

After looking at these pictures, I decided that I love the Tangerine color next to the stacked bowls too! I might just have to have a rainbow and get one of each color for my new collection!

1 comment:

  1. I say...let's get them all!!!!
    Then we don't have to have the pain of choosing just a color or two!
    Taste the rainbow :0)


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