Thursday, July 1, 2010

Creative with Leftovers

A couple days ago I posted about my Chinese Potluck with the Crab Rangoons and Lettuce Wraps. Well, the Crab Rangoons were gone but I still had a ton of meat from the Lettuce Wraps and some left over Wonton wraps. So for lunch today I had a brilliant idea...why don't I make wontons with the left over meat from the lettuce wraps!?!
I pretty much just did the exact same thing with these wontons like I did with the crab rangoons and they turned out great! Actually, they turned out really really GREAT! I was so proud of myself :)
So if you make the Chinese Potluck I made with Lettuce Wraps and Crab Rangoons, don't toss out your leftovers! Use them to make something different and yummy the next day!

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