Saturday, November 13, 2010

This Is Griz Nation!!!

Today Dusty and I went to the Griz Game.
We played North Dakato and it was really fun....and cold!
I didn't prepare for the 30 degree weather and definitely didn't expect the snow and rain!

Every game starts out with its traditional pre-game show....
The parachuters fly down and land on the Grizzly Bear.
If they land on the bear, the crowd goes wild!
But if they miss, the crowd boo's them....kinda harsh!
But it's tradition.

Then Monte, the mascot comes out of his "den" to greet the crowd!
Little fact:
The guy who was the previous Monte was so amazing that he became the mascot for the Chicago Bulls! Every once in a while he comes back to Griz Nation in his Bulls costume and cheers with Monte. It's awesome!

Then before the football players come out onto the field this video is played....It gives me goosebumps everytime!

And then they rush out onto the field!!!

Now it's game-time!

Go Griz!

At today's game, the Griz won against North Dakota 27-17.
Good job guys!

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