Monday, November 8, 2010

Sir Oliver Winston

This little guy is Sir Oliver Winston. We like to call him Oliver, Baby Boy or Little Brother.
To my dad,  he is the son he never had.

About 6 years ago, around my mom's birthday in April, we were all lounging around on a Sunday morning and my dad surprised us with wanting to take a trip to Spokane, WA to get my mom a Wire Hair Fox Terrier that she has aways wanted for her birthday! So we jumped in the car with our older dog Wilby and drove an 8 hour round trip to Spokane to get our pup from a breeders house.

When we were registering our baby puppy with the breeders, my mom mentioned that we were going to take the puppy to the vet to get fixed since we didn't want to breed puppies. The 80 year old woman almost had a heart attack on the spot! Because apparently our puppy we chose came from a Champion over in France and his blood lines should live on. (If you met Oliver, you might question this....)

So to honor Olivers royal blood lines we decided to name him "Sir" Oliver Winston.

Let me tell you what, Oliver has brought so much joy into our families lives. He had to be the cutest puppy on earth! His little scraggly hair just melts my heart! Plus he eats gently off a fork and can twirl on his tippy toes. Love it!

But as he got older, he became more mischeivious...
"Let me in! I promise I'll be a good boy!"

He loves digging at the I said, questionable about the blood lines....

How can you not love that face???

He is even great at posing for photo's...NOT!
"I don't want my picture taken Haley!!!"
"Why not???"

Maybe it had something to do with the fact I dressed him up as a pirate?

He loves Santa Claus...

And swimming in dad's hot tub...

But most of all....he loves to travel with his family!
I love you little brother!

1 comment:

  1. BABY-kins!!!!!!
    You forgot to mention that he sings while Dad plays the flute!
    AND he runs and hides when you baby baby!!!


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