Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gingerbread Decorating Competition

About 3 years ago, my mom, sister and I were sitting around the dinner table decorating our Christmas cookies for Santa. My mom had decorated the cutest little snowman cookie and I wanted to step up my skills a little bit to try to out-do her on my own snowman cookie....which is always almost impossible, that woman has the skills of Martha Stewart!

So after talking some smack and going all out on my cookie, the competition was on! This competition happened again the following year with the cookies and then last year my mom brought our decorating competition to a whole new level....she bought us all Wilton Gingerbread Houses to decorate.

We sat around the table for hours decorating our houses, trying to do every technique to out-do each other. We even added Disney cake decorating figurines and made each house a different theme: Disney Princess, Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh. They were absolutely adorable!

This year, since my aunt was visiting from Nevada for Thanksgiving and we just had to include her into the competition! Except this time, the rules were that we couldn't use figurines and we had to just use edible products on our houses.

We went to Walgreens yesterday and bought a TON of candy since what came in the box was not satisfying enough for such a stiff competition.

To start, we got all the pieces out and laid down the foundation. My poor aunts roof fell apart, but she used that royal icing as glue and fixed it. You couldn't even tell it was broken at the end! You have to have gentle but firm hands when building these houses. Otherwise the house will fall apart when you start decorating it. NOT GOOD!

Annie did a great job at decorating, she has gotten so talented within the past year!

Annie, Mom and Sissy in the middle of decorating. We were at it for 5 hours straight!

Annie's House
It is so adorable with the Christmas Lights on the roof. She would make Clark Griswold very proud!

My Aunt Sissy's House

I absolutely loved her Christmas Tree she made for the little marshmallow Santa!

My Mom's House
She calls this "Minnie's Black Friday"...notice how Minnie is holding her purse after a long morning of shopping. (Technically we weren't allowed figurines, but we let this one slide. It was too cute to not have on the house!) And I absolutely love her curtains!

I love the back of her house!

My House
I'm quite proud of the roof and my sleigh I built for Santa out of licorice :)

Then after finishing, we randomly arranged the houses and placed numbers around them. We then invited my grandparents over and had them and my dad judge the houses without knowing whose house was whose.

But they know us all too well and could tell which house belonged to who! We decided that it would be a tie because each house was special in its own way. We had such a great time!
Happy Holidays!

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  1. Adorable houses! We are going to be doing a Gingerbread decorating thingy later this month, I can't wait! I have some great ideas now he hehe


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