Saturday, November 27, 2010

Deck the Halls

Usually it's family tradition to decorate the Christmas tree the night of Thanksgiving. Why wait to put the tree up in December when you only get such a short time to enjoy it all year anyways? The sooner, the better!

This year we were exhausted from the eating marathon, that we decided to pass on tradition this year and instead decorate the tree today! This allowed for more energy and also meant we wouldn't ditch our mom in the middle of decorating the tree to go slip into a coma. It was definitely a good thing we did it today.

Here is my sisters favorite ornament....
It's a naughty Mischievous Kitten...maybe a similarity to her personailty?

These are my moms favorite ornaments....
The Miss Piggy was given to my mom by my aunt. She has had it since she was a little girl.
She always hangs from the top of the tree.

And also the Snoopy ornament. She painted it herself when she was a little girl.

This ornament is my dads favorite....
My mom got this for my dad right after they got married, it is of his beloved Daisy Lou.
She was such a saint.

And this is my favorite ornament.....
It says, "Wake up Dad, It's Christmas!"
It was the first ornament I gave my dad in 1993 (I was 5)  and I remember picking it out because the Golden Retrievers reminded me of Daisy Lou. Too cute!

Then after decorating the tree, we put the tissue paper back into the box and we found....

What a weirdo. He always loves laying in boxes and tissue. Christmas is his favorite time of year due to this. What a nut.

Meanwhile, Oliver isn't too thrilled about the freezing cold weather and snow.
 It is getting in the way of his play-time outside!
He has a new appreciation for being inside the house now.

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  1. I love Christmas!! I usually don't allow myself to start listening to Christmas music until Dec 1st, but with all the snow going on I couldn't help but turn it on yesterday.
    And I know how you feel about your ornaments on the tree - I get a new one each year, they always mean something special. Can't wait to get my Xmas tree up - next weekend Ben and I are going! Wooo! Happy Holidays Haley :)


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