Sunday, March 27, 2011

UM International Food Festival

Dusty and I just got back from the International Food Festival here at the U of M. We are absolutely stuffed because we ate so many great foods this afternoon! There were so many countries represented today at the festival, but Dusty and I were very selective to only eat foods from places we had never tried before. Sorry Italy, France, Mexico and China…you didn’t make the cut today.

The places we did eat from today were: Africa, Ethiopia, Persia, Greece and Sweden.
Okay, so we have eaten from Greece and Sweden before, but we had to go back to our favorites from the last time we went!

First we went to Greece for some Spanakopita and Pork Souvlaki.
Pork Souvlaki = Pork Kebab
Spanakopita is basically a feta and spinach turnover…I would have taken a picture of it, but I ate it too fast. It’s my favorite!

Then we headed over to the African Student Association to get a huge array of African Cuisine from all over the continent!
For $5 we got a huge platter of: Alloco (banana plantains), Beef Tomato Sauce with Boiled Egg, Jollof Rice, Creole Jambalaya (MY FAVORITE!), and Kachumbari (Kenyan Salad).

We also got a glass of Fresh African Ginger Drink…it was delicious and so refreshing!

After having our African Feast we made our way over to the Ethiopian table were we got a plate full of really savory stews, sauces, vegetables….

And this odd but really good spongy sourdough bread. It was perfect for scooping up the sauces!
Sorry about the lighting!
We were eating in an area with really poor lighting!
At this point we were getting full, but we saw a huge line in front of the Persian booth, so we had to go check it out!
These were soooo good!

After eating all of these delicious ethnic foods, Dusty and I decided it was time to head home, but not before we got some yummy treats from Sweden!
We grabbed them to-go for dessert later tonight!

Dusty and I had so much fun! We both agreed that the African Student Association had the best food  and Ethiopia came in a close 2nd place. Hope you all are having a great Sunday like we are!


  1. YUM! Jealous of your day spent eating :) I love Ethiopian food. The bread was hard to get used to at first, but now I am obsessed.

  2. I'm jealous of all the foods you go to try! That's wonderful that there is a festival like that.

  3. OOoo those little rolled patterned crisps on your dessert plate are some of my fave desserts! Filled with whipped cream and you are set!!
    That looks wonderful Haley!

  4. Oh! Spanakopita is my favourite too! I make it whenever I get the chance. I also love Souvlaki! We have heaps of souvlaki shops over here.

    Ethiopian is also a favourite. But I must say that Persian food looks to die for! I'm so jealous right now!

    The Melbourne International Food and Wine Festival was on in early March, so I have to wait till next year now!

  5. What a great place to go for a foodie! Wish I could have been there! And open invitation to you when we go to Williamsburg again next March!! :)

    Hugs, Kay


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