Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Anatomy 101

These past couple of weeks have been kinda crazy with tons of midterms in school. I pretty much haven't had a mental break for the past 3 weeks and have been cramming my brain full of really interesting information.

Today I had a Lab Practical in Anatomy Lab and it was insane! 100 Questions on everything we have been taught since January.
Bring It On!
Cadavers, Histology, Models...I got this!

The first semester of A&P focuses more on naming the major parts of the body: bones, muscles, skin,organs, etc. But this semester is getting into the nitty gritty of why everything is happening and how it works. I love it!

We started out the semester with the Endocrine System aka Hormones. Dusty walked past me when I was studying this image and thought I was learning about the reproductive system...
What a dirty mind! Just kidding!
I definitely made this mistake the first day of class.
tee hee!

It's just the pituitary gland and hypothalamus! It's responsible for almost everything with our hormonal system. It controls the thryoid (our metabolism), reproduction, why we pee so much when we drink, blood sugar, blood pressure...just to name a few. It's kinda impressive.

Due to intense studying, I'm now able to look at slides like this...
And tell you that this is what your thryoid gland looks like up close under a microscope. The purple stained area is where your thyroid hormone is produced and the really dark stained cluster of cells is where your blood calcium hormone (calcitonin) is formed.

Also, this hormone is responsible for your blood sugar levels. Do you know what organ this is???
It's your Pancreas!
The clearish-pale zones are where your Glucagon and Insulin are produced in your Pancreas. Depending on when your blood sugar is high or low determines which hormone gets produced and released into the blood.

One of the major organs we have been focusing on this semester is the Heart. How it flows, why it flows and where it flows to. It's so complex! It hurts your brain!
Fun stuff, right?!?!?

In this next section of the semester we will be learning about the arteries and veins of the head, neck, upper extremities, abdomen and lower extremities. It's going to be intense!

Which is a vein and which is an artery?
If you picked the circular one as the artery and the large weird shaped one as the vein, then you are correct!

Sorry about this post being kinda nerdy. I've been totally consumed in this information for the past couple of weeks and wanted to share a little bit of my new knowledge with you. I promise I'll post some new recipes soon and save you from this geeky stuff! :)


  1. I love nerdy-nursing information!! I listen to Ben talk about it all the time, this is so fun and interesting. You deserve a break from all the brain pain :) Chocolate and wine. Just sayin' ;)

  2. anatomy was tough for me...but i survived :) i must say i'm glad it's over though! good luck!

  3. Dad and Annie walked in and wanted to know why you had boy parts on your blog! LOL!!!!!!

  4. You have just taken me back to high school Biology! I loved biology. By far my best subject.

  5. this takes me back to college. i was an anatomy TA for 2 yrs in college. talk about nerd alert.

  6. haha... this was kind of cool! I'm getting ready to have to take A&P....


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