Friday, August 23, 2013

Back-to-School Cookin'

This weekend Dusty and I are going to be doing some back-to-school cooking and stocking up. Not for the both of us....just him. I'm going back to Billings for the Fall semester to finish up my last semester of nursing school (yay!!!) on Sunday, which means that Dusty is going to have to fend for himself when it comes to breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Living in a small town, you lose the conveniences of take-out, fast-food and restaurants all together. It was a total culture shock the first month we lived here. Not to mention the closest movie theater is 40 miles away and only plays 1-2 movies that change every 2 weeks. It was a big adjustment for us since in Billings we probably rented 2-3 movies a week, out to the theater twice a month (if not more) and out to eat 3-4 times a week.

But over time I've come to love cooking 3 meals a day (plus dessert!) and watching movies on Netflix, Direct TV On Demand or the most recently Amazon Prime. I finally broke down and signed up for Amazon Prime. Not having to pay for shipping is amazing when you have to order everything! You can buy anything and everything on Amazon! In fact, I have a doggie door for Duke coming in today and a few cookbooks coming in the next few days. My family members should only get me Amazon Gift Cards for holidays, birthdays, etc. because it is so handy!

Anyways, back on topic.....

I was looking through my Recipe Index here on The Girly Girl Cooks trying to figure out what I want to prepare and freeze for Dusty so that he can just pop it in the oven and go after working 9-10 hours a day at the hospital. I hate the idea of him eating frozen pizza's every day (which he will do), so I want to make sure he is all set up before I head back to school.

The nice thing about nursing school this semester is that my classes are on Monday and Tuesday, and then my clinicals are self scheduled. I'm hoping that this allows me to come home frequently because I can't stand the thought of being without Dusty and Duke. I love those guys!

So here some things I'm thinking of making for Dusty for my Back-to-Nursing-School.....

 I see a lot of casserole dishes in my future!
Hopefully that would hold him over for a few weeks until I'm able to come home from school for a visit. What are some of your favorite freezer-friendly dishes????

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  1. My kinda food! Lucky man your Dusty. Probably a good thing you were able to visit home regularly to take care of the 2 loves in your life. I suspect Big D would probably prefer eating frozen pizza's every day - even if you had prepared all that food for him in advance.
    While the cat's away - the mice will play. >︿<


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