Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Zoo Montana

Today I had the day off, so Dusty took me on a really fun date to the Zoo! It's a small zoo, but it was so much fun to walk through the park looking at the different animals with Dusty.

When we first got to the zoo I was so excited to see Peacocks just casually walking around and hanging out with everyone. They were every where!
The Peacocks were trying to grab some lunch...

Hanging out with the Clydesdale horses in their pasture...

And showing off for us!

The peacocks were beautiful, but my favorite was this guy...the Red Panda!
Can I take you home with me???
What are you?
 Cat? Bear? Raccoon?
I don't care. I love you.
How about a hug?
Okay. Maybe next time.

After leaving my new best friend, Mr. Red Panda, Dusty and I headed over to the Grizzly Bear exhibit. The bear was so adorable and active with the crowd, I loved it!
I think I was more excited than the preschoolers standing next to me because he was so cute!

The people who work at the zoo had hidden snacks around various parts of his area for him to find.
I found you!

Then the grizzly bear saw us and wanted us as a snack!

Ahhh! I was so excited to see him up close!
What a gorgeous bear!

He wanted to show off for us, so he went for a dip in his pool...

And I gobbled up every moment of it!
It was sooo cute!
And it was so hot, I wanted to join him!

By 2:00 this afternoon it started getting really hot, so Dusty and I left the zoo and headed to our favorite place for lunch, Red Robin! It was a perfect date and a really great day off!  


  1. oh how fun! i've been trying to get Mr.Surly to take me to the zoo, but he isn't keen on it. how cute is that little red panda? i just want to cuddle it.

  2. Fun date!!! Squishy faced teddy bears, how can you not smile?

  3. Cute bears follow by a monster burger and bottomless fries? Sounds like a great date!


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