Wednesday, April 4, 2018

New Member of the Family {Charlotte Reed}

Yet again, I've taken a long pause and stepped away from the blog. My excuse this time? I got pregnant and had another baby! Let me introduce you to little Miss Charlotte Reed...

Literally right after I wrote my last blog post about my mom's Beauty & the Beast themed birthday, I got pregnant. And when I got pregnant, I developed a love-hate relationship with food. First there was the morning sickness, exhaustion and then the lack of available stomach space to enjoy eating. 

This lead to me stepping away from the blog, which also happened when I was pregnant with Nolan. Now I am back to feeling myself again! I am so excited to introduce you to my wonderful little girl, Charlotte, who was born January 22nd. She is such a cute little lady and a fantastic baby. Just like her mama, she loves to eat ;) Her smile is infectious, she can give stink-eye like no other, and we love her so very much! 

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