Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Try the Grey Stuff....It's Delicious!

To celebrate my mom's birthday last week, Nolan and I drove down to spend the weekend and celebrate my mom, Disney-style! We went all out with a Beauty and the Beast themed birthday dinner and had a blast the entire time!

Have you seen the new live-action Beauty and the Beast movie?!?!? I have....twice! I'm obsessed! I never go to movies in theaters more than once, but I absolutely loved the movie so much, I just had to see it again. I wasn't the only one who loved the movie, my mom loved it just as much as myself. Hence the themed birthday dinner! ;)

Fun fact: The animated Beauty and the Beast movie from 1991 was my very first movie I saw in movie theaters. I was 3 years old and still remember how scared I was when I first saw the Beast! He totally freaked me out. I also remember when my parents took me to Disneyland in 1995 for the first time when I was 7, seeing the Beast with Belle, and making a bee-line in the opposite direction of that character. No thank you Mr. Beast!

Now that I'm in my late-twenties I am happy to report, the Beast did not freak me out this time. In fact, I loved his character the most in the new movie. And don't get me started on "Evermore," that song is on repeat on my iTunes!

Back to the dinner....my mom and I made Barefoot Contessa's Coconut Cupcakes and topped them with yellow cream cheese frosting. We made the roses using Wilton candy molds and red candy melts. Super easy and turned out adorable. To add some extra sparkle, we used yellow shimmer sprinkles and white pearl sprinkles as well. They were delicious!

And of course we had to make the Grey stuff! Why? Because it's delicious!?!? Don't believe me? Ask the dishes! (Sorry I couldn't help myself!)

Click HERE for the recipe of the Grey Stuff. Seriously, it was delicious! ; )

Isn't my mom the master at setting a fun dining table? We picked colors from her Fiestaware that matched different characters in the movie. Yellow + Blue = Beast. Pink + Purple = Mrs. Potts. Red + Yellow = Gaston and so on....

My mom got the "Try the Grey Stuff" plate and Lumiere from Disneyland. Mrs. Potts and Chip in the center, she has had since I was a little girl! I remember many tea parties playing with them. Dusty was unable to make the trip for my mom's birthday, so as a surprise he sent her roses. We placed a few of them in antique tea cups. I loved the look of the entire table! The actual dinner part was delicious! We had smoked/grilled rib-eye steaks, parmesan roasted asparagus with a baked potato bar. YUM!

It was so much fun and special to get to be able to spend time with mom and to be able to go all out with a Disney themed dinner. Her love for all things Disney has passed to me and hope to bring as much love, joy and fun into Nolan's life as she has with me. Love you Mom!

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  1. I LOVE this post!!! It was a great weekend and I think every time we get together we need to do a themed dinner :)
    I love you!!!
    Love, Mom


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