Sunday, April 22, 2018

Charlotte 3 Month Update

Hard to believe it but my little girl is already 3 months old! Over the past month, she has really started showing us her personality and it's so fun. Here is what has been going on with Charlotte over the past month....

We celebrated Charlotte's first Easter! She got a basket with big brother Nolan that included a new summer swimsuit and the cutest Disney Princess baby toys (Thanks G!). My MIL gave me the idea of getting the kids new swimsuits every year in their Easter basket. She did it for my husband when he was growing up. Brilliant!

How long can I get away with having them wear matching shirts before they think it's uncool?

Charlotte wore her first dress on Easter and it killed me having her little thigh rolls out and about. I might have pinched her legs a ridiculous amount of times.

She gives stink-eye like a pro. Don't be judging me Charlotte!

The day after Easter, both Charlotte and Nolan came down with a viral cold. Poor little kiddos needed tons of love and snuggles, which I was more than happy to give!

Charlotte had her very first real laugh! Nolan was having a temper tantrum (like all 3 year olds have), when he picked up a toy and threw it across the room. It made Charlotte bust out laughing, which then made us all laugh hysterically and made big brother forget he was upset. You can see her very first laugh on Instagram (@girlygirlcooks). It's precious and perfect!

We took Charlotte out on her first trail walk and trip to the park where she slept in her carseat/stroller the entire time.

And of course....I returned back to work (insert: crying) after 3 months of maternity leave. Dusty did amazing with the kids! I swear they behave better when I'm gone. He had the kids tucked into bed and sleeping by 9:00pm and Charlotte drank a bottle without issues each night. Nolan refused a bottle and Dusty use to have to bring him to the hospital late at night for me to feed him. It was very stressful and exhausting. Dusty = Dad of the Year!

Charlotte is now sleeping most of the night, only getting up around 3-4:00am and then sleeping until 6:30-7am...I'll take it! I still need my coffee to survive the day with 2 little ones, but at least I'm getting more sleep :)

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