Friday, June 4, 2010

French Toast

Yesterday was absolutely CrAzY and I was unable to write about the 2 meals I made. Usually in the morning all I eat is a yogurt for breakfast, but yesterday I was feeling I made French Toast! It's a classic breakfast dish and I love it so much!
You are going to need the following:
-3 large eggs
-6 slices of bread
-Cinnamon powder
First I cracked 3 eggs in a large bowl and scrambled them up good. Heat a medium sized pan at medium/low heat with a tablespoon of butter. Then with the 6 slices of bread, dip them into the scrambled egg on both sides of the bread and place them onto the pan...only do 3 slices at a time, maybe 2. On the top side of the bread sprinkle Cinnamon powder on the bread. After 1-2 minutes flip the bread to the other side and cook the French toast until both sides are lightly brown.
Ta-da! Yum!

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