Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cake Decorating: Lesson 1 & 2

So sorry I haven't posted in forever....my work schedule has pretty much been taking over my life! Anyways, I signed up for cake decorating classes at Michaels Craft Store and it has pretty much changed my life forever!
My friends and family better watch out next time it is there birthday because I'll make/decorate a cake! lol. My past two classes have been awesome....we were taught the secrets of how to make and ice the perfect cake. There are so many little secrets I had no clue about!
For example....did you know that you have to add meringue powder to icing? I DIDN'T! I allows the icing to crust so that you can make it smooth and beautiful. Also, Pam cooking spray with flour included is a miracle! I pretty much love this class and will be learning new techniques from the class and wilton.com, so go check it out! The website is really helpful and great!
My Cake!


  1. WoW! O_o

    You are so talented. Seriously. You should open up a bakery! Can I be first in line????


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