Saturday, April 2, 2016

Back To My Roots

If you didn't notice, I've been gone from The Girly Girl Cooks for almost a year. I thought I needed something new, so I started the blog, Hi-Line Healthy. After 11 months of working on Hi-Line Healthy I've come to realize it just isn't me.

I'm The Girly Girl Cooks. Always was, always will be.

Over the past year, I've shared some really great recipes on Hi-Line Healthy. Over the next few weeks I'll be bringing them over here and sharing them with all of you.

Meanwhile, let me update you on what has been happening the past year...

1. My son Nolan is growing like a weed! He can walk, run, climb and get into all sorts of trouble! He loves to swing at the park, play in the dirt and climb all over Duke (or as he likes to call him "Doot!"). This boy eats everything and especially loves his momma's home cooking!

2. I'm still working nights at the local critical access hospital. But luckily, I'm only working part-time so I can spend as much time at home with my boys! I've seen a lot of interesting, weird, wonderful and terrifying things in my nursing career over the past two years at the hospital. I can't believe I've already been an RN for 2 years! Time flies....

3. Dusty is still farming! In fact, we are gearing up for seeding in the next coming week which means lots and lots of sandwiches for Dusty's farm lunches.

4. Duke (or should we say Doot) is loving the farm life. Every day he jumps in Dusty's pick-up and heads out to the farm for the day. He wanders, sniffs and explores the farm and brings back the most wonderful souvenirs (animal carcasses) for my in-laws. Lucky them! When he isn't working hard on the farm, he can be found sleeping most of the time in his big cushy dog bed in their garage or eating dog treats if he does tricks.

That's about it for us!

I look forward to being back and sharing some of my recipes on here. I've missed you all a bunch!

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