Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Turkey Day Line-Up

Have you started planning for Thanksgiving?

We have!

Actually, I should say Dusty has. About two weeks ago Dusty spent an hour or two looking up recipes and reading reviews to find the perfect dishes for our first Thanksgiving alone. Since we live about 5-6 hours away from our families, live in Montana with unpredictable weather patterns, have tons of school work and work to do, we decided to enjoy Thanksgiving this year on our own. We are both excited but I'm a little intimidated to cook an entire Thanksgiving menu to be honest. My mom and Dusty's mom make it look so effortless and easy to do, plus their food is so amazing, I hope I can live up to our family standards!

I've been working at St. Vincent's Healthcare for almost a year and I didn't realize until last Saturday that all the employees and volunteers got FREE turkey's for Thanksgiving each year. Imagine my surprise and excitement!

Today after class I went with some classmates to get our free turkeys!

Lea & I both work on the Orthopedic floor together. She is my partner in crime and good friend. And we both got turkeys!
Raise your hand if you like free stuff!
*Raises hand*

So now that I've got my 14 pound turkey for Dusty and I, we just need to get the other ingredients this weekend for the rest of our fabulous Thanksgiving day feast! 

Here is the menu we have planned out for our Thanksgiving Day Menu:

{Main Course}
Dusty's Mom's Stuffing
My Dad's Gravy
Cranberry Sauce (from a can, my favorite, don't judge)
My Mom's Mashed Potatoes


As you can see, Dusty and I will have enough food for about a week, which is fine by me because I love Thanksgiving leftovers almost as much as the initial meal itself! My favorite thing to do with leftover turkey is to make my mom's turkey tacos, so keep a look out on the blog for my mom's delicious turkey tacos because I'll be making them!

What's on your menu for Thanksgiving? Do you have any must-haves for the big dinner?!? Any special traditions??? I'd love to hear them!

Wish us luck on our first Thanksgiving!
I'm gonna need it!

Thanks to Lea for taking a picture with me and our turkeys. It takes a special friend to pose with you and a frozen turkey!

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