Wednesday, November 28, 2012

{Guest Post} The Hill Country Cook: Roasted Butternut Squash

Hey Everybody!

I have a really special treat for you today, my friend Katie from The Hill Country Cook is sharing with us her super easy, simple and delicious recipe for Roasted Butternut Squash! Katie and I met 2-1/2 years ago through food blogging and Tasty Kitchen. She writes one of my favorite blogs of all time and has become one of my dearest friends! 

My classmates and co-workers laugh at me and look at me funny when I tell them I have "blogging friends," but if you are in the food blogging world, it doesn't seem weird at all. It's like we've known each other forever. Plus we all share a passionate love for food! Some of my favorite people in the world are my "blogging friends" and Katie is one of them. I'm so very excited that she is writing this fantastic guest post on my blog!

With that, I'll let Katie take it away!

Hey y'all!

I am so excited Haley asked me to do a guest post y'all! She is sweeter than honey, and has been so busy with nursing school, but when she gets to cookin', WATCH OUT WORLD! Lip smackin' good. I've known Haley for about two and a half years now. She was one of the first blogging girls I met, and shortly after, I remember she was the featured member on Tasty Kitchen!! I thought, "I know someone famous!" Even though she's all the way in Montana, and I'm all the way down here in Texas, we share good laughs and stories - and recipes, through our beloved blogs, facebook, and yes, PINTEREST! 

So I'm showing y'all something simple here. When it really starts getting cold, which it's yet to here in Texas, but I'M not complaining (well, sorta) - I like to roast veggies! Roasting brings out the sweetness in the veggies, makes the house smell good, and warms it up too! Leftovers keep, and freeze well, and they're pretty versatile. And require little prep time to boot! 

For roasted butternut squash, all you need to do is slice the butternut squash in half. It's a hefty fellow, and likes to wobble on the counter, so be careful with your knife. Just slice it in half, lengthwise, and remove the seeds. 

Then, sprinkle with brown sugar, and place a small pat of butter in the hollowed out portion. Fill the hollow area with a diced apple. Bake at 400 degrees for almost an hour. When it was good and soft, I then sliced the squash and removed the skin. The squash was very hot, but it was much easier to do while it was tender, rather than raw.

Hope y'all enjoy! 

What's y'alls favorite roasted veggie?

~Peace, Love, and Baking Y'all


  1. This looks great! We like roasted potatoes or peppers, pretty boring but maybe I'll branch out and try roasted butternut squash!

  2. They look so cute! I think roasting any sort of squash deepens the flavour and makes it sweeter.


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