Friday, September 23, 2011

Time Flies....

Has it really been 12 days since my last blog post? Wow. I'm a terrible blogger right now. The sad thing is, 12 days ago was the last time I had a day off. On days that I'm not at work, I'm at school. It's been insane, exhausting and I am so thankful to have this Sunday off!

Here is what has been going on in the past 12 days since I last wrote...

1) I'm lovin' nursing school. Labs have been so much fun with eye/ear assessments, learning how to make a proper hospital bed and take vital signs. Dusty is my practice dummy and gets his vitals taken everyday. I'm happy to tell you he has awesome blood pressure, respiration and pulse!

2) At work we are remodeling the entire store, which means I'm getting a great workout at work with all the lifting, pushing and moving I've been doing to get the store lookin' pretty.

3) This week my favorite TV shows (Modern Family and Grey's Anatomy) have returned. My life is complete.

4) Today I'm so excited to have the opportunity to work with the nurses at St. Vincent's Hospital to do blood pressure readings at the Yellowstone Valley Women's Health Fair! It's going to be great practice and an awesome experience.

5) Monday and Tuesday we are going over wound care in class. I'm not looking forward to this. Pressure ulcers make me squirm and gaggy. I won't be eating before those classes.

6) Dusty and I went to the traveling WWI exhibit this morning in Billings. It was really fun and I loved looking at all the uniforms and artifacts. If it comes to your city/town, you should definitely take the time to stop by and check it out. We really enjoyed it!

7) On Tuesday, Dusty and I went on a "date night" to Olive Garden and to see The Lion King in 3D. It was my first time eating at Olive Garden and I gotta say I was really disappointed. Why did it have all that hype? Dusty warned me that Olive Garden wasn't good, but I had to experience it. It was on my "to-do" list of places to eat. Now I've come to the conclusion that I hate chain restaurants. On the otherhand, I LOVED watching The Lion King. I forgot how much I love that movie! It's funny how much you pick up in the movie when you are an adult compared to when you are little. Just the little things that went over your head, now finally make sense. It was a good time.

8) My cooking has taken a slight turn for the worse. I've been making "diet friendly" dishes and Dusty is not happy about it and I gotta admit, I'm not happy either. I miss butter. I miss heavy cream. I miss baking. If you have diet friendly recipes that are absolutely delicious, PLEASE SEND THEM TO ME! I tried making cupcakes without the use of oil and eggs, and it was terrible. I wanted to cry and I threw them out. I've lost 16 pounds, but I want to make good food too! With my blog in the past year I've taught myself how to make delicious rich foods, but now I need to learn how to make delicious light foods. It's an adjustment and I'm working on it.

So this is what has been going on with my life in the past 12 days. Not very exciting, right? This is why I haven't posted since then. But I'm going to be on the search for light and delicious dishes to share with you all because butter and heavy cream aren't good for the waistline (especially if you need to fit into a wedding dress!).

Have a great weekend!


  1. I have to itemize this list of everything that I want to say!
    1) 16 pounds? Holy crap you dieting rockstar!!
    1a) I'm down 7, gotta start somewhere.
    2) Olive Garden is nothing to write home about, unless you like their salad. But even then, not really worth when you know you can make it better at home.
    3) You'll find your cooking/weightloss balance. Ben's been helping me alot - but DAYUM do I miss my butter and cream too. And chocolate.
    4) Must go see Lion King now, bet I'd sure still cry like a baby though.
    5) Ben is using me as his CNA dummy too. It's almost like being pampered...though a footrub would be nice...

    Missed you around the bloggosphere!! XO!

  2. I hear you on wanting to eat well but still eat delicious things. In my experience (-25 or so pounds out of 145 over 6 months, maybe less time, no specific program) if you cut something out (sugar for me and dairy on and off) you kind of get using to not having it and it got easier after a couple months. However, have you considered half and half? or olive oil/coconut oil? I'm not sure how they work with weight watchers but in general the ingredients in these oils are good for you. Also, you can replace all or half the butter in some muffin/brownie recipes with applesauce. Make whole wheat banana bread. Try whole wheat flour in place of white flour (I swear that the white stuff can sometimes act like sugar). Try brown rice - it still tastes good. Less carbs, more of whatever else you made, especially salads and raw veggies. Fruit for dessert, or leave the sugar out of fruit desserts. Try honey or raw sugar, which is trickier to find. Stevia is a natural sweetener but be careful not to over-add it to cakes (I have used it to replace some suger but I'm not happy with the results of total replacement). Obviously some dishes dont' work without the good stuff, but substituting the ingredients for healthier stuff most of the time and not outright gorging on the bad ones still helps. I'm not a nutritionist but I've talked to quite a few over the last year or so.


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