Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Shrimp Cocktail Dip

I've taken my food blogging to a whole new level by getting crazy obsessed with recipe contests! Whether it's America's Test Kitchen or Real Women of Philadelphia, I'm lovin' it. I could have kicked myself this spring with the RWOP contest going on, because I couldn't participate. It was during the end of the school year with finals, graduation and moving. Too much in my life to set aside time to participate. But it was so much fun to see some of my blogging friends, The Church Cook, The Hill Country Cook and Cook, Bake & Decorate participate and do awesome with RWOP!

Now that life has calmed down quite a bit, I'm all about getting in there and having fun with these competitions. I was even featured on America's Test Kitchen for their Fresh Ingredient Challenge: Blueberries!

This weeks contest at RWOP is an appetizer contest and I was all over that, I entered one of Dusty's family favorites....Shrimp Cocktail Dip!
Check out the recipe HERE at RWOP!
If you belong to RWOP, add me as a friend, I'd love to connect online with ya!

*Thanks Julie for the recipe, it is so tasty and delicious!*

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  1. RWOP is so fun! It was totally out of my comfort zone but once I made the video it was so much fun! Good luck in the contests I'm sure you will win all of your recipes are AMAZInG!


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