Friday, May 28, 2010


I'm really excited that after a couple of days of being totally lost and confused that I actually figured this all out! I've wanted to start a cooking blog for a while but I've never known what to call it or how to put one together. So with the help of my mom, my boyfriend Dusty and friend Amy I came up with title:

The Girly Girl Cooks.

I'm not your typical Montanan girl. I don't wear cowboy boots and I don't know how to shoot a gun. In fact, I've never been hunting! My parents moved to Montana from California, so that allows me to have a dash of "city girl" even though I'm born and raised in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley.

My mom is the reason I got into cooking and wanted to start this blog. On Easter, she gave me The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook and showed me Ree's blog. Ever since then I have been hooked! I use to go over to my boyfriends apartment and for dinner we would have frozen dinners, pizza or go out to eat. Now I spend my evenings in the kitchen making fun and exciting dishes! I've broken out of my shell of making the same dish over and over again, and now I rarely make the same thing twice!
My favorite ladies in the cooking world are:
My mom
Pioneer Woman
Rachael Ray
Barefoot Contessa
Paula Deen
and of course....Julia Child!

I'm going to use these inspiring women to go through my new journey as a cook in my new apartment.

So as I'm learning to cook and win my boyfriends heart through his stomach,which I think I've pretty much already done, but I still enjoy impressing him with my meals. He has assumed the role of "food critic" and really enjoys it!
The reason I'm so excited and emphasizing my "new apartment" is because I have lived on campus for 4 years in an ity bity dorm room. As a freshman and sophomore in college I lived in the dorms by choice but as a junior and senior I lived in the dorms as an RA (resident assistant) and boy do I have some interesting experiences and stories to go along with those 2 years! So now that I have a kitchen that is all my own and I don't have to share a bathroom with 40 women or wear shower shoes....I'M SO EXCITED!

I hope you will enjoy reading my cooking blog and experiences in the kitchen!


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