Saturday, May 29, 2010


No...they aren't cookies and they aren't brownies, they are brookies!
As a Microbiologists, I have had endless semesters learning about hybrids and hybridization with genetics and evolution (nerd alert!) so these "brookies" from Bakerella tickled my fancy!
Last night I was working the desk at the dorms from 6-Midnight and around 10:30 the only thing to keep me awake was looking at Bakerella's webpage searching for awesome recipes....and Brookies are what I found!

This is Bakerella's fantastic page all about Brookies...
But this is my personal version of Brookies....
You will need:
-2 and 3/4 cup flour
-2 and 1/2 tsp baking powder
-1/2 tsp salt
-2/3 cup softened butter
-1 lb of brown sugar
-3 eggs
-1 tsp vanilla
-12 oz bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips
-1 cup of walnuts (bakerella uses pecans....but I like walnuts-use what you want)
Sift all the dry ingredients together (flour, salt and baking powder) in a medium bowl.
In a different bowl, mix together the brown sugar with the softened butter until fully incorporated. Mix in the eggs, adding them one at a time. Add the vanilla, chocolate and walnuts.
Dry and Wet Ingredients
Combine the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients and place them in a greased 13x9 pan (I cut the recipe in half so I put it in a smaller dish) and bake for about 30-35 minutes until the top of the Brookie is beginning to brown.
Does that look delicious???? Dusty was very impressed and so was I! Thank you Bakerella!
Today I went to Michael's craft store to get supplies for my Sunday project: Cuppie Cupcake Bites! Inspired by two of my favorite blogs: Bakerella and Cakespy. Also, while I was at Michael's I decided to sign up for a cake decorating class for the month of June. I am so excited!!!!
Here is a preview of how Bakerella made Cuppie Cupcake Bites:
Hopefully mine will be half as cute as Bakerella's!
I'll show you all tomorrow!

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  1. I make something like this, and put a cream cheese frosting on it!! it's like a blondie. Thanks for the recipe! I lost mine!!!


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