Thursday, February 16, 2017

Our Valentine's Day Dinner

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day this week! I know we sure did :)

We didn't go out on the town, because Lord knows how fun going out to eat with a toddler can be! This year we dined in and I pulled out all the stops to make up for the fact we were eating at home and not going out.

Dusty got me those beautiful roses (pictured above), and they smell amazing! I absolutely love getting flowers! He did good. ;)

I got the boys See's chocolates. I might enjoy these more than Nolan and Dusty. Hehehe!

For dinner we enjoyed....
Fancy Hasselback Potates with Side Salad (not pictured)
I can not emphasize enough how easy this dinner was to throw together! I made the panna cotta the night before. Threw the prime rib in the over for a few hours with the potatoes, and then just tossed together a green garden salad and combined all the ingredients for the horseradish cream. We have limited restaurants in our neck of the woods, so to have a good meal, you sometimes have to make it yourself. Going out to eat is one of my favorite pasttimes, but being able to serve my wonderful husband a meal like this is truly rewarding! Check out the recipes highlighted above the next time you plan on making a holiday, anniversary or special meal.


  1. Yum!!! I've never made Panna Cotta- my go-to for "fancy" dinners at home is Pot de Creme. I'll have to try your recipe.

    Katie @

  2. Wow, your valentine day dinner looks fabulous. Well, we got engaged on this day at garden domestic party venue New York. We had used shabby chic theme for this family bash. The event was organized amazingly by my sister and it was so enjoyable.


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