Sunday, April 1, 2012


I have a new addiction and a new love...Pinterest.

How did I not know about Pinterest before? Why didn't anyone introduce this to me sooner? 

Now I have fantastic ideas for my wedding such as....
This cake...

These shoes....
I  must have these shoes!

And how about this menu?!?

Not only have I found wedding ideas, I have made a board specifically for my dream home someday. 
I love this laundry room...
You know you are an adult when you get excited over a laundry room.

And this will be my pantry someday!

How great is this idea?
Storing bedroom sheets in their matching pillow cases?!?!
Thank you Pinterest!

I will definitely be making this menu board as my summer project.
It's brilliant :)
Currently I use a sticky note that sits on the fridge with lots of scribbling and writing all over it.
I must have this menu board in my life!

I also found this idea...
I absolutely love this. Little ways to make each other feel loved and special by leaving a little note. 
Definitely going to do this.

Well there you have it. 
I'm completely and utterly addicted to Pinterest!
Good luck to me getting any homework done now :)

One more Pinterest find. 
In honor of Titanic coming back to theaters this upcoming week...
Seriously. True story!
The End. 
I have to end this post so I can look for more cool stuff on Pinterest.


  1. I love all of your ideas - and I can TOTALLY see you in those epically princessy shoes. I LOVE IT.

  2. I love Pinterest! If you like you can follow me here



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