Sunday, August 14, 2011

Homemade Sushi

I did it! I finally attempted to make Sushi for the first time and succeeded!
And you wouldn't believe how easy it is to make too.

I love sushi and I was so disappointed when I moved to Billings that they didn't have "Dollar Sushi Night" like Missoula did. So since I've moved here, I've been determined to make my own so I don't have to pay the big bucks. I went to World Market and loaded up on supplies and got a really great sushi kit to help me!

You have to check out this amazing blog post from Mommy's Kitchen. She gives step-by-step instructions that I used to make my California Rolls. Her instructions are the best I could find online and I know you will be able to make perfect sushi like I did if you read this!

I don't think I'll go out for sushi was that good and easy to make!


  1. Those are beautiful and look absolutely perfect!! Good work :-)

  2. Those look great!

  3. Wow! I don't think I could make such photogenic sushi no matter how hard I tried. Beautiful.

  4. Your sushi looks wonderful. It's so fun to make at home.

    Cook Lisa Cook


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