Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Hey Everyone!
Sorry I haven't been on here for almost 2 weeks! I just started a job and currently training to be a Vet Tech at a Veterinary Hospital. Let me tell you is an absolute zoo! It's really stressful but I absolutely love it :)
Also, I've been spending time at home with my family before school got started and before I get super duper busy. I never get to be with them enough!
And if I weren't making enough excuses for why I haven't been on here....I have to drive down to Vegas with my mom, sister and grandma for another one of my cousins weddings this Labor Day weekend = Lots of Driving!!!
Therefore, I will be eating at restuarants and not making anything myself.
(Hopefully I will get to have more deep fried Mac N Cheese from Cheesecake Factory! One can only hope!)

In conclusion, I PROMISE that I will make something soon and post it up here.
Sorry I've been away so long!
Hang in there with me!!!

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