Thursday, September 22, 2016

Weight Watchin'

Hey Everyone! How was everyone's summer?

Fun? Relaxing? I hope so!

Can you believe we are almost through September? Crazy! Today is the first day of Fall by the way and I've jumped on the pumpkin spice train hardcore this year. Lord help me!

What have I been up to, you ask??? Harvest is over and seeding is nearly over (yay!). Basically I've been working nights at the hospital, playing with my 18 month old and spending the past couple of months improving my nutrition, diet and overall health.

Back in July (the 14th to be exact) I signed up again for Weight Watchers. My mom has been doing it for some time and her Instagram posts were really inspiring me. I had put back on all of my weight and then some, feeling incredibly uncomfortable in my skin. I remember the trigger moment was right after I finished my anniversary dinner with my husband on the 13th and being miserably full. I thought to myself, Why did I do that to myself? I took a wonderful meal and made myself feel awful. Why? That next morning I weighed myself and saw that I put on 2 pounds  just from that one dinner. I had overall put on an embarrassing 17 pounds since the end of February and I became frightened that I was on a big downward spiral to ongoing weight gain. A moment later I logged onto Weight Watchers, renewed my account and have never looked back.....

It's been 10-1/2 weeks since I've been back on the program and I can not tell you all the confidence, energy and self-love I have gained during this time. I've been a better mom, wife, nurse and overall person. Working nights has not been nearly the struggle it was becoming to stay awake 12 hours during my shift and I have given up my Dr. Pepper addiction completely! Another thing I have loved during this process is the strong, courageous and inspiring women/men who are in the Weight Watchers program. I love following all of these people's journeys on Instagram and WW Connect. It's truly humbling and keeps me going when I struggle with making the right food choices.

The reason I haven't really posted recipes or anything on here is because I have been utilizing the amazing resources of Weight Watchers, Skinny Taste and Andie Mitchell to help shape my new culinary style. One thing most people say (including my husband) when they start a diet is that the food is awful...not true with Weight Watchers! I have been eating some of the most flavorful, fresh and delicious food over the past 10 weeks that make me not miss overly rich and fattening casseroles or other dishes. I've been having fun experimenting with food and enjoying my new look on life!

***You can follow my Weight Watchers journey on Instagram....username = GirlyGirlCooks :)

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