Friday, April 25, 2014

My Duke

It's hard to believe my little chunk of a pup is already 1 years old.

Duke's birthday was on April 9th (same as my mom's) and of course Dusty and I honored it by eating hot dogs and giving Duke tons of treats and toys! He isn't spoiled at all I tell ya ;)

After nearly having Duke in our lives for almost a full year, here is a list of some things I've learned about him.

Duke loves...

Playing at the puppy park.
He is always the most well behaved pup. It makes a puppy mama's proud!
His big comfy chair.
Destroying his new toys...
(this was originally a duck on a rope)
...and making a big mess with them.
The farm.
Being my helper in the kitchen.
All things food.
(especially things involving bread, cream cheese and sugar...just like his momma!)
Watching me put my make-up on
...and trying to eat cotton balls and make-up brushes.
Going for long walks.
His fashion accessories.
Snuggling while sleeping or watching TV...or just snuggling anytime!
And sleeping. This boy LOVES his naps!
These are just a few things I've listed. I could go on and on about how much Duke loves babies, children, doing dishes, the UPS lady, the Schwan's man, family, his yard, etc.
This pup sure is full of love!
Duke dislikes....

Getting his paws tickled.
Bath time.
This happens a lot lately since he comes home muddy from the farm.
The neighbors cats.
He absolutely dislikes blow dryers and vacuums!
I couldn't get a picture of him with that because usually he is off and running away from them.
Duke is a goofy dog! But I sure am glad he is mine!

1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday, Duke!
    I can't believe he's already one. Where did that year go? -jeanne


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