Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Day Menu

Aaaugghhh! It's starting to happen again. School is getting insane and free time to make yummy new creations is decreasing.

Must. Fight. This.

My first Senior semester of nursing school has kicked off with a bang! I spent last week on ATU and had a blast. Previous semesters we were only assigned one patient, now we get to pick our own patients and we get to have two! Juggling the two patients and having more responsibility with freedom is awesome! I'm totally loving it. On Wednesday I get to spend 12 hours at the ICU and can hardly wait because I'm so excited! I seriously can't wait to be a nurse.

Don't worry. I'm not a total loser. My life isn't just school. It's also working on Orthopedics, cooking, baking, date nights with Dusty, shopping and....The Walking Dead.

Ok. Maybe I'm kinda lame right now. But oh my gosh! The Walking Dead is on Netflix, which means Dusty and I watched 2 seasons in like 3-4 days. Nerd alert! 

Well, that pretty much sums up where I've been the past week or two. Work, school, homework, and watching an obscene amount of zombie killing on Netflix. Also, I've been planning one of my favorite meals of the year besides Turkey Day.....Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is the one day I like to go all out and show off my culinary skills to Dusty. Since good seafood is a luxury in Montana, I love to make something fishy and fancy for the big day of love. I found these beautiful babes at Costco this weekend....

And they are going to taste so good broiled with a lemon-chive butter and served over a creamy parmesan risotto with roasted green beans! It will be my first attempt at making risotto, so wish me luck!

While I'm spending my 12 hours on Wednesday in the ICU, Dusty is in charge of making a Red Velvet Cake with the classic frosting. On our first V-day spent together 5 years ago, Dusty surprised me and made a Red Velvet Cake for me. I know it's the typical Valentine's Day dessert, but it sure is special to me!

If you are struggling to think of something special that has some WOW-factor, then I've got the perfect Valentine's Day menu for you....

Impressive and fancy!

Seriously seductive ;)

The perfect side dish!

And finally, the most delicious and decadent dessert...
This dessert is super impressive, but so easy!

What are you making for your sweetie? Are you eating out or staying in? 

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  1. I totally understand on the whole school thing and where did the time go?!? I feel like I have been running around like mad! Anyways, I love your inspiration to show off the cooking skills for V-Day. I have been wanting to make a lobster mac and cheese. I am jealous! :)


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